Agnès-Laure M Signou

Agnes was born in Cameroon, and her mother moved to the United States just before Agnes turned two. Agnes, now 15, lived with her aunt in Cameroon until she moved to the U.S three years ago. She now lives with her mom and two siblings in DC.

What do you enjoy most about playing soccer?
The fact that I get to meet and play with people that are potentially going to be with me forever. I am not the best soccer player and I will probably never be, but when I look back, I will remember the time spent with my teammates. Also, it’s a stress reliever.

Besides soccer, what is something you are interested in?
Besides soccer, sports wise, I run track, indoor and outdoor. I also run cross country. Also, I love to sing and dance but I am not the best at it. I love music in general (soul, sad music is my favorite genre). I like to hang out with friends and travel even though I don’t do it as often as I would love to. I am open to anything and everything.

What are you most looking forward to about participating in the 2018 Street Child World Cup in Russia?
Not only am I excited to be traveling in general!!, I am looking forward to the games. I will love to see the potential and the vision of every kid I meet. I will love to hear their story and know if it affects the way they are today. I am also looking forward to making memories with the team that brought this opportunity to me and my new teammates.